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  • Campsite eye

    Saying thanks to Pure Solutions

    Making a festival is a team endeavour. We often talk about our wonderful volunteers (we can’t talk about them enough, to be honest!), but we rarely if ever talk about our key paid contractors – our site management and production company, Pure Solutions.

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  • Blog from the Chair

    Moving house. Some thoughts from the Chair.

    Moving house, moving site – any move – can be tricky. You make plans, map out the space and decide where the furniture goes. It’s only when you’ve moved in and you’ve lived with it for a while, do you get an idea of what really works. So, this was the year of the move. Of stepping off, jumping in, setting things up and trying things out at Boughton.

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  • Stanley Odd

    Say hello. Wave goodbye?

    Although based in England, Greenbelt has enjoyed long and important links with Scotland – its artists and thinkers, its theologians and its spirituality. And that’s why the up-coming Scottish Independence Referendum is just as much a matter for those of us south of the border as those north of it.

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  • Tent

    A new field of dreams

    You came. We made a festival together in a new field of dreams. We made camp in a green and pleasant land, under a new sky.

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  • Boughton-blog

    What a difference a year makes

    This time last year, we were in the throes of preparing for our 40th Greenbelt Festival, our 15th at Cheltenham Racecourse and what would turn out to be our last there. The weird thing is: we didn’t know that at the time.

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  • Loan childs play

    Loans are child’s play: The Children’s Society at Greenbelt festival

    We believe that children should learn about debt and credit in schools and from their family, not from lenders advertising on television.

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