General Info

All the practical things you need to know about coming to Greenbelt Festival – from how to get there to what there is to eat and drink when you do.

Camping, Glamping and other Accomodation

Greenbelt is a temporary home for those of all tastes. Why not simply find a place for your own tent and join the 95% of the festival population who camp onsite over the weekend.

Camping space is available for everyone with a weekend ticket (or two consecutive day tickets). So just find the corner of the campsite that suits you best.

Or, take the stress out of bringing and setting up your own stuff by choosing our Glamping and other Pre-Erected tent options.

We also welcome campervans, caravans, motor homes and trailer tents to the festival. But remember to book your pass and space for your live-in vehicle when you purchase your tickets.

And finally, if the outdoor life is not for you, we have teamed up with Moulton College to provide single room, campus-style accommodation only just over 10 miles from site.

Where is Greenbelt?

Greenbelt takes place in the beautiful, landscaped grounds of Boughton Estate, close to the main house. The Boughton Estate is just 3 miles from Kettering Town centre. Kettering sits right on the main west-to-east road artery across central England, the A14. It is equidistant from the north-south A1 to the east and the M1 to the west. Kettering train station is on the mainline from St Pancras, just one hour out of London and with direct trains to and from Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield and Leeds.

Detailed info for how to get to the festival by Train, Bus, Car & Bicycle.


Greenbelt aims to make the festival site as accessible as possible – with wheelchair access, viewing platforms, scooter and chair recharging facilities, BSL signing, hearing loops and rest facilities provided. We are recognised as second only to Glastonbury Festival in the support we offer to festivalgoers with access issues.

It is much easier for us to arrange support for your needs ahead of the festival rather than onsite, so please browse our access page to find out more information about what we offer and be in touch with us ahead of arrival.

Accessible Camping

We offer designated camping spaces for disabled people – as individuals or with family or friends. If you would like to camp in these areas it is essential to pre-book. Filling out our pre-booking form will also enable us to send you information in the week running up to the festival.

2017 Pre-Booking opens after the late May Bank Holiday. To find out more go our Access Page


We are really pleased to have been awarded the Gold Level on the Charter of Best Practice by Attitude is Everything for our commitment to improving access for deaf and disabled festivalgoers at Greenbelt.

Food & Drink

A big part of the festival experience is enjoying great food and drink with friends and family. We work hard with our caterers and beer tent operator to ensure that the quality and variety of the food and drink on offer at Greenbelt matches our vision and values.

Environmental levy

This year we have partnered with Energy Revolution, a charity who crowdsources donations from festivalgoers  and uses them to invest in sustainable energy projects. They turn fossil-fuel travel miles into clean, renewable energy.

The biggest contributor of carbon emissions at festivals is usually travel, which can make up 60-80% of a festival’s carbon footprint. For a festival of 10,000 people, that’s a massive 120 tonnes of carbon dioxide. To have the biggest impact on carbon emissions, we have to tackle travel.

Energy Revolution recommend a donation of £3 for a typical festival journey of 150 miles. You will be given the opportunity to add this when you make a booking in our box office.

This small investment will account for the carbon emissions for you journey to and from the festival. If you want to calculate your exact journey use their Travel Carbon Calculator.



The issue of rubbish and waste is globally important as we all know – we’re always hearing about overflowing landfill sites and waste polluting our natural environment.

Although festivals are small compared to the global waste picture, they are large in cultural significance as they can help to educate and inform those who come.

At Greenbelt we try to extract as much material to recycle as we can.

If we can achieve a good recycling rate from a festival in a field then the possibilities should be endless elsewhere – but we need your help.

What you can do to help us get our very best recycling rates…


  1. Before you come. 
    Think about what you’re bringing to the site – are you tempted buy cheap and cheerful camping equipment that might not last the distance?

    It is so much more cost effective and environmentally friendly to invest in good quality gear that will last for many years and festivals.

  1. During the festival.
    Please use the public bins that you will see all over the site. These bins have specially designed colourful tops that tell you which bin to put your plastic bottle, can, food plate or other item in.

    The more the waste is separated at source, the easier it is to recycle properly. Choosing the right bin really helps us to achieve a higher recycling rate.

  1. In the Campsite/Leaving the festival.
    In the campsites you will see pens for you to leave rubbish and recycling. At these pens colour coded bags will be available for you to use, to bag up your items.

    Green bags are for recycling: cans, plastic bottles, paper and card.

    Black bags are for rubbish that can’t be recycled.

    Please use the bags and the pens throughout the weekend but especially when you pack up to go home. It’s so helpful to our team when the rubbish is separated correctly and left in the right pen for us to collect and recycle properly.

These things might sound simple but they really do make a big difference to the whole recycling operation at Greenbelt. We want to do our very best to limit the impact that festival waste has and with your help we can really make a difference.

Thank you…….

Youth & Children

Greenbelt is a great festival for children and young people.


Full of music, workshops, performances, debates, talks, activism, faith and worship, time to chill out and more – Greenbelt is a great place to be, whether you’re with a gang of friends or on your own. We have a dedicated youth programme just for young people but also lots of great content across our festival-wide programme with young people in mind. Here’s what some young people have said about Greenbelt:

  • “The Shed [our youth venue onsite] is a great place to hang out with friends, listen to some great music, make new friends and get away from your youthworker!” (Aged 16)
  • “You can choose what you want to do/see and have a bit of freedom!” (Aged 17)
  • “I love the atmosphere of watching live performance with lots of people around me.” (Aged 12)
  • “I love the comedy at Greenbelt.” (Aged 14)
  • “The acts in the Canopy are so simple yet amazing. It makes me think I can do the same.” (Aged 16)
  • “The charities in the G-Source tent have inspired me to become more active and aware of charities around me.” (Aged 15)

Children and families

At the heart of our festival, there’s a space dedicated to children and families. A collection of venues and activities where smaller Greenbelters can enjoy the same great Greenbelt-y mix of performance, arts, worship and crafts as the adults. It’s a shared experience, all about doing stuff – making things, watching plays, singing, playing – together. It’s Greenbelt, but smaller.


Greenbelt Festivals

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