At CCLA, we manage investments for charities, churches and faith-based organisations, the public sector … and, as of last year, individuals can now invest, too! 

Founded in 1958, we have over sixty years of experience helping our clients maximise their impact on society by harnessing the power of investment markets. With £14 billion of assets under management, we aim to deliver strong long-term returns through providing ethical and responsible investment solutions to mission-driven organisations. 

Good investment relies on good thinking. That’s why we’re supporting the Pagoda, the main space dedicated to promoting just that. And this year, we’re proud to have enabled the reshaping of the venue, which is now completely open all the way around. Its reimagining allows for wider conversations and bigger debates – a space to explore all angles, for a truly rounded view.  

CCLA, good thinking all ways round. 

CCLA Investment Management Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.