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  • 2017 lineup

    With music, ideas, literature, performing arts, children's and family programming ... browse the lineup announced so far here. Another great Greenbelt bill is shaping up, bringing together artists, activists, writers and dreamers as diverse as Jack Monroe and Clive Stafford Smith, Speech Debelle and Newton Faulkner. And there's more to come – including comedy.

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  • Children & Families

    Greenbelt is an all-age festival like no other. It’s not just that we have lots of children and families onsite. It’s that as well as their parents and carers, often their grandparents are there too! Greenbelt is inter-generational. And that rocks!

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    We are really excited that our recorded festival talks archive is now back online. All 1,000 or more talks from Greenbelt 2014 and earlier are now absolutely free to download, stream and share – right back to 2001.

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    Glamping, Moulton College, Camplight and Showers

    Fancy trying one of our pre-pitched options or perhaps booking our offsite accommodation? Or do you like to keep nice and clean over the festival weekend? Accommodation and Showers are now on sale.

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