Panel: Hot House: Religion leads to violence. It always has and always will


Since 9/11, and stretching back centuries before, the worst atrocities committed against humanity have been motivated by religious conviction and difference. And things don’t seem to be getting better. Indeed, some argue that we’re entering a new Dark Age. Join a panel of people who work at the interfaces between religious belief and social policy and politics to see if there is still space for good forms of religion today or if we should turn our back on religion as an inherently violent and divisive force in society.With Salma Yaqoob, Clive Stafford Smith, Sahar Vardi and Lisa Raine Hunt.In association with Winchester University

  • Salma Yaqoob
  • Clive Stafford Smith
  • Sahar Vardi
  • Origami with Lisa-Raine Hunt