Panel: Everyday Extremism


It’s easy to think that extremism is other people – lone shooters in New Zealand mosques, for instance. But it is also easy for us all to stop noticing and speaking out against everyday extremism in our communities. As it must have somehow been in 1930s Germany. As it was in the 1990s break up of Yugoslavia. With the ‘far right’ on the rise in the UK and right across Europe, how can we notice, speak and resist? Everyday? With ex-EDL member Ivan Humble, Strategic Peacebuilder Jill Mann, Dilwar Hussain from New Horizons, and chaired by Greenbelter and Counter-Extremism Community Co-ordinator Lisa-Raine Hunt

With a follow-on session in The Foundry facilitated by Jill Mann and Lisa-Raine Hunt for those involved in these issues in their work and communities.

  • Ivan Humble
  • Origami with Lisa-Raine Hunt