Ivan Humble

Ivan Humble

Ivan Humble was born in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk in 1970 but spend all of his life living in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

He was a leading active member of the the Far Right from 2009 when he joined the EDL (English Defence League). He started out as a foot soldier but quickly worked his way up to role of Regional Organiser (RO) for the East Anglia Region.

Whilst Regional Organiser he was responsible for setting up new divisions of the EDL throughout East Anglia also for arranging demonstrations and sorting travel from various places around East Anglia, recruiting and fundraising. He was also the admin of many EDL pages on Social Media and thus has a lot of insight to the narrative of the Far Right.

Since leaving the Far Right in 2014, Ivan is active in various communities within East Anglia and across the country. Ivan uses his knowledge and understanding to highlight and combat radicalisation and all forms of extremism. He campaigns against Racism and Hate crime under the banner OYEtoHate Open Your Eyes to Hate.

Ivan now talks about his personal journey after seeing through his hate and works to break down barriers and tackles the many misconceptions of his misguided hate hoping to help others to change their views to live a normal hate free lives.
He recently joined the Me and You Education team, as an Associate Trainers sharing his insight of the real active life of the English Defence League.