Science Adventures presented by Coppice Theatre

Science Adventures presented by Coppice Theatre

Neal Megaw

Disaster! Professor McGuffin’s ground-breaking Sub-Nuclear Optical Transmitter (SNOT) has a catastrophic malfunction and needs a new power source! What a pickle!

Enter the ACES – an elite team of scientists doing science like no one has ever science-ed before! Professor Von Brant and the team are on the ground in Edinburgh with a collection of science-themed stories to figure out an answer.

Could wind, water, magma or even 27 bananas power the SNOT? Find out in this fun and educational storytelling show.

Recommended for ages 5+.
The show duration is 1hr.

Coppice Theatre was founded in 2016 by a group of Cornwall based artists with the aim of providing professional theatre work for emerging practitioners across the theatre arts. We specialise in creating engaging, entertaining and accessible storytelling productions that showcase talent, new writing, design and new digital media.