Three things to make your Greenbelt even better

Three things to make your Greenbelt even better

We’re nearly there. #3sleeps to go. And here are three (more little) steps to camping and festival-ing heaven.

1. The Greenbelt Village Shop
The lovely folk at Milk and Honey will be open for business from 0700 til 2300, Friday to Monday. You can find them on Twitter  or Facebook. They will have many lovely things available, but mostly stock staples like:

Milk, Honey and Bread
Chocolate, Crisps and Cans
Bacon, Cheese and Sausages
Fruit, Biscuits and Water
Tea, Coffee and Eggs

In addition, on the first couple of days, they sell things you might forget, like:

Batteries, Matches and Soap
Toothbrushes, Toothpaste and Marshmallows
Feminine products, Painkillers and Loo roll.

And they always have sweets.

2. Hot Water Bottles
Obviously this Bank Holiday Weekend is going to be lovely and warm. But, if on the off-chance you feel the cold and you’ve brought a hot water bottle with you, then you can take it to the 24-hour Kindred Cafe and they will fill it up in exchange for a small donation. Toasty.

3. Find Your Own Path
Greenbelters are an obedient, law abiding bunch. So, our challenge to those of you who are able to (those without wheels, mostly) is to find your own path.  The walkways and footpaths we lay are there to help those with wheelchairs or buggies to get about more easily.  If you’re not relying on them, be brave and step off the path. Find a new way! Make your desire lines this festival. We’ve designed the site layout to help a much more natural flow. Please don’t disappoint us. Go off piste.