Could climate change create the moment when we unite in the spirit of community? Or will it be our suicide pact? In a world under threat we are challenged to ask WWJD?

Described in the media as ‘the pin-up girl of the environmental movement’ Tamsin Omond is used to having precious column inches wasted on her looks rather than her message. But having climbed the Palace of Westminster to campaign against expansion of Heathrow, it is clear that this is someone who is deadly serious about the huge challenges that face us. The founder of Climate Rush, Tamsin has spoken at the Howies ‘Do Lectures’ and been very prepared to face jail for her views, something that might appear at odds with her aristocratic lineage and early thoughts of getting ordained. Now bailed under conditions of not going within 1km of parliament, we are pleased she is still able to travel freely to Greenbelt.

Greenbelt Talks