Panel: Two degrees of separation


Following the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, when the world committed itself to safeguarding a ‘two-degree world’ (not allowing global warming to rise by more than two degrees centigrade because of the catastrophic effects that would have on sea levels rising and the whole global climate), where are we at? What are our governments doing? What are we doing? How do we keep this most fundamental of issues in the spotlight and what can we do to play our part? Hear about the impacts of climate change from those living on the frontline, from politicians and NGOs.

With Dr Winston Halupua, Natalie Bennett, Green MP/Politician, Mohamed Adow, Global Climate Policy Lead at Christian Aid.Chaired by Jo Musker-Sherwood, from Hope to the Future.

  • Natalie Bennett
  • Christian Aid
  • Most Revd Dr Winston Halapua
  • Mohamed Adow
  • Jo Musker-Sherwood