The New Dark Ages


Lately I have been having a recurring nightmare – that the world is moving slowly but surely into a New Dark Age. In my dreams I see a landscape shrouded in darkness. And as I look more closely I can make out the silhouettes of a vast host of castles. Inside the walls of these well-protected pleasure domes the upper-class elite enjoy a life of unparalleled luxury. Outside the ramparts of these fortresses of affluence, the under-class are condemned en masse to a half-life, half-death existence characterised by relentless cycles of grinding poverty from which – it seems – there is no escape. How can we engage the New Dark Age?

Dave, his wife Ange, and their family, have lived and worked in intentional communities with marginalised and disadvantaged groups of people in Asia and Australia for more than thirty years.He is particularly interested in community and the dynamics of personal growth and social change. He is part of the Waiters Union, an inner city community network, and employed by Tear Australia and Community Praxis Co-op. He is author of many books and articles, including ‘Not Religion, But Love’, and ‘Building A Better World’.

Dave Andrews