Brother Suns and Sister Moons


We will consider Servants to Asia’s Urban Poor as a model of how we can become Brother Suns and Sister Moons engaging the New Dark Age. Servants is a network of mission communities committed to living and working holistically with the poor ‘outside the gate’ in Asia’s urban slums. They have developed faith communities in India, Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines. They seek to do whatever they can to help the poorest of the poor – everything from developing informal networks of supportive relationships through to developing formal organisations delivering professional community services. Servants are a humble but important model

Dave, his wife Ange, and their family, have lived and worked in intentional communities with marginalised and disadvantaged groups of people in Asia and Australia for more than thirty years.He is particularly interested in community and the dynamics of personal growth and social change. He is part of the Waiters Union, an inner city community network, and employed by Tear Australia and Community Praxis Co-op. He is author of many books and articles, including ‘Not Religion, But Love’, and ‘Building A Better World’.

Dave Andrews