Power with Lee Bains


Please note, this recording contains language that some people may find offensive.

Welcome to the second series of Somewhere To Believe In! We’re back by popular demand(ish). This time around we’re coming together to celebrate and hear from artists we love – and we hope you’ll love them too.

Who better to kick things off than Lee Bains of Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, a self-proclaimed ‘deep-south wide-open far-left liberation gospel’ Rock-N-Roll band from Alabama, USA. Lee and his band are on a mission to fight against white supremacy, xenophobia and systems of power, all while bringing their southern hospitality and charm to the table.

With the US elections looming, we hear what it’s like being Christian living under a government that so regularly weaponises the Bible to justify inhuman behavior. Lee gives us a much-needed reminder about the power of the people, making us wonder if the election results matter as much as we think they do. We also get introspective and hear how slowing down has made Lee tackle some big questions about who he really is and what he’s trying to do with his music.

Meanwhile, Katherine and Paul talk about our plans for the 2021 festival and – and we can’t stress the importance of this enough – how happy Katherine’s mum will be that we’re back with a second series of the podcast.

Links, resources and episode timestamps (for all you skippers out there) below.


Website: http://www.thegloryfires.com/
Merch: https://store.thegloryfires.com/
Bandcamp: https://leebainsiii.bandcamp.com/
Instagram: @gloryfires
Facebook: @thegloryfires
Twitter: @TheGloryFires


Angela Davis https://time.com/5793638/angela-davis-100-women-of-the-year/

Arundhati Roy https://www.facebook.com/ArundhatiRoyAuthor 

Linn Park statue https://bhamnow.com/2020/06/02/a-history-of-the-confederate-monument-in-birminghams-linn-park/  

Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires http://www.thegloryfires.com/ 

00:00 – Welcome to Somewhere To Believe In
00:42 – Coming up in this series
02:32 – Katherine and Paul catch up
05:26 – Katherine and Paul on Greenbelt Festival 2021
06:17 – Introducing Lee Bains and his work
08:34 – Lee joins the conversation
09:06 – Lee on Greenbelt Festival 
12:56 – Lee on this year and Covid-19
15:42 – Lee on government support in America
20:37 – Lee on independent music venues
24:38 – Lee on not being able to tour
27:47 – Lee on activism and burn out
33:13 – Lee on people, systems and policing
36:10 – Lee on church and power
38:09 – Lee on the power of music
42:49 – Lee on success
51:00 – Lee on the US election
52:15 – Lee on anti-racist rallies and activism in Atlanta
56:00 – Lee on how to support Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires
57:13 – Katherine and Paul reflect on the conversation with Lee
01:02:58 – Katherine and Paul on the future of music venues
01:06:20 – Katherine and Paul on church and power
01:08:50 – How to get in touch with us
01:09:42 – Thank you’s
01:10:24 – Hidden track ‘I Can Change’ by Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires


A huge thanks to the Greenbelt Volunteer Talks Team for all their hard work on editing this episode. Our podcast music is ‘I Can Change’ by Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires.