Outerspace presents a Q&A with Steve Chalke


Following Steve Chalke’s support for same-sex partnerships, a gentle Q&A session in the Outer Space programme to give LGBT Christians and their families an opportunity to join the conversation with Steve in a safe, positive environment for everyone. With Benny Hazlehurst.

Steve Chalke MBE founded Oasis Charitable Trust in 1985, pioneering life-transforming housing, healthcare, education, church, youth and community initiatives around the UK and across 10 other countries globally. He is the author of 40 books and he writes articles and columns for a variety of national and local newspapers and magazines.

Benny Hazlehurst is a founder member of Accepting Evangelicals which promotes a more accepting and affirming attitude to same-sex relationships. He is also a regular contributor to The Church of England Newspaper.

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