Orbital walks & linear rides: Journeys through the English badlands


Iain Sinclair unpacks the literary genre sometimes described as ‘psychogeography’.

Iain Sinclair While St. John declared that in the incarnation ‘the word became flesh’ and God walked among us, Sinclair is a god among walkers, declaring that the land will flesh out words to us, if only we’ll listen. This is psychogeography, the belief that our places are rich with meaning. From around his adopted home of Hackney to circuits of the M25, Iain Sinclair walks where JG Ballard wrote: finding meaning in the suburban wastelands and interstitial spaces that weave through and around our cities, subverting our pompous architectures and grand designs, celebrating the ordinary and elevating the banal. A unique chance to hear a truly pioneering voice in British literature.

Greenbelt Talks