In Conversation With Brian Eno, Ambient Atheist


In a career stretching from Roxy Music to Coldplay, from David Bowie and Grace Jones to U2, Brian Eno has produced the biggest acts in the world… but the highlight of his week is singing in a gospel choir that has never released a record.

With Talking Heads’ David Byrne he made ‘Everything That Happens Will Happen Today’ an ‘electronic gospel’ album for atheists, and it’s the chance to talk about faith which draws Brian (‘an evangelical atheist’) to Greenbelt this weekend.

A composer and visual artist, Eno says religion and art are on the same track, ‘to tap into the human need for surrender’ … but the idea of God is part of ‘the last illusion’.

A lifelong political activist, he is co-founder of the charity Earth Percent, designed to harness the funds of the music industry to address the climate crisis by working with scientists to fund the most promising solutions.

Writer and former Greenbelt trustee Martin Wroe has some questions. You have many more.

Brian Eno