Faith and politics with CSM


Why do so many Christians get involved in single-issue campaigns like debt but never do the harder work of joining a party? Why are they mostly shouting from the terraces rather than getting on the pitch? David Lammy sets out a case for positive engagement that might just change the game.

One of five children, raised by a single mother in Tottenham, David Lammy’s life has always been about breaking the mould and challenging stereotypes. Winning a scholarship aged 11, he returned to London to study Law at SOAS and went on to become the first black Briton to gain a Masters in Law from Harvard. MP for Tottenham since 2000 (the youngest MP at the time), he has held ministerial roles in health, culture, employment and skills. He is currently Minister for Higher Education and Intellectual Property, an honorary ambassador for Action Aid, and part of the Christian Socialist Movement. Who better to speak on faith in action, and how we help build robust, resilient and caring multicultural communities in urban Britain today?

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