Dreams of home


Mia will explore ideas of home – particularly the idealised vision people have of home, origins and family versus the reality – illustrated with short readings from her work. She’ll look at the ways in which human beings try, fail and succeed to imagine inner “homes” and “homelands” for themselves, beyond material limitations. Dreams of home can be dynamic forces, able to both push the human spirit forward and pull it back.

Dublin-based Mia’s debut novel HellFire was published in 2006 to critical acclaim. She has published award-winning short stories in Ireland, the UK and the US, and last year her Dublin-argot translations of verses by Catullus appeared in The Irish Catullus. Mia has read and performed her work widely. In 2010 she finished her second novel and adapted two plays from the Grand Guignol 1920s French horror theatre.

Greenbelt Talks