Confront or walk away?


A look at how Christians can deal with conflict. Raj will draw on cases he is involved in and get people think ing about how they may cope with, resolve or even utilise situations they find themselves in.

When so many people like to talk the “diversity” talk, Raj Patel is someone who walks it too. The Asdal Institute, of which he is director, works tirelessly across the UK and South Asia helping organisations advance by putting diversity and equality at the top of their agendas. He chairs Wholeness International and the Alliance of Asian Christians, and is also a prolific author with an eye for a great title, having published ‘Why Do Christians Wear Ties’, ‘Stealing Other People’s Decisions is Wrong’ and ‘Asians Can’t Play Football’. But enough of the talk: Raj wants to help us walk the walk, especially when it comes lo dealing with conflict. Drawing on his vast experience and cases he is involved in, Raj will be setting out how we can cope with it, resolve it, or even utilise it for good. And in a still-divided world, what could be better than that?

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