Bashar Murad in conversation


Please note, this recording contains issues that some people may find distressing or not suitable for younger listeners.

Performing on the Glade mainstage later, this is your chance to hear from the wonderful Palestinian artist Bashar Murad – in conversation with Palestinian writer, researcher and cultural curator Christina Hazboun. Listen in (and ask your questions) as Bashar and Christina unpack the many challenges he faces as a Palestinian living under occupation and struggling for equal rights in a patriarchal, hegemonic setting, where human rights, gender diversity and social justice are a constant struggle. Bashar Murad is a Palestinian singer/songwriter and filmmaker producing pop music rooted in Palestinian spirit. Bashar’s creative genius spans audio-visual media, numerous collaborations and running the unique cultural space of Sabreen in Jerusalem. Christina Hazboun is founder of The Sonic Agent where she unfolds her multifarious cultural activities across several media, including text, audio, and research within the music industries intersecting time, spice and society.

Bashar Murad