A Jubilee for First World Debtors


Consumers in Anglo-American economies are engulfed by credit/debt. Poor borrowers and homeowners, as well as businesses, find themselves deserted by the ‘guardians of the nation’s finances’ — central bank governors and finance ministers. Is it time for a Jubilee for poor debtors in rich countries.

History is rarely written from the point of view of the oppressed or the poor. But if it ever is, there is one name that will be eulogised within it: as designer and leader of the Jubilee 2000 campaign, Ann Pettifor has arguably helped more people out of poverty than any single person in history. Even if that book is never written, she ought to be remembered for predicting the Credit Crunch we are now suffering in the West in her 2006 book The Coming First World Debt Crisis. Now director of Advocacy International, and calling for a ‘Jubilee 2000 for the poor in the UK’, Ann’s is a prudent message that simply can’t be ignored.

Ann Pettifor