A Festival Life: Michael Eavis in conversation


Greenbelt may be 45 years old, but it’s a minnow beside Glastonbury. So, we’re delighted to welcome the founder of that Festival, dairy farmer Michael Eavis to Greenbelt this year. Having decided to have a go at hosting an event on his own land after going to the Bath Blues festival in the late 60s, Michael has grown Glastonbury into the most revered arts festival in the world today, selling out minutes after going on sale and giving millions of pounds to global and local good causes each year. Find out what has kept him going in the festival (and dairy!) business all these years. A conversation hosted as part of our remembering Baptist Minister and Greenbelt visionary John Peck, who had the same twinkle in his eye when talking about Greenbelt that Michael does when talking about Glastonbury. Greenbelt’s Creative Director Paul Northup asks the questions.

Michael Eavis