A safe place to call home

A safe place to call home

A guest blog from our partners Christian Aid.

At Christian Aid, we’re excitedly putting the finishing touches to our plans for Greenbelt 2016 and wanted to share a sneak peek with you. Christian Aid Presents… will have a packed programme of talks and workshops, combined with prayerful and political action, all crafted to help us reflect on the immense value of home.

A home from home between the Christian Aid Café and G-Books, this year our cosy venue space, newly named ‘Christian Aid Presents…’ will be the perfect place to have a breather, enjoy some down-time and reflect on the value of a safe place to call home.

For many people across the world – too often the poorest – the effects of climate change, conflict, domestic violence and humanitarian crises mean that home is no longer a place of safety. At our venue you can play your part as we work together for a safe home for everyone.

We’ll be telling the stories of people all over the world for whom home is not a safe place, and what Christian Aid is doing to change this. From a domestic violence shelter in Brazil, to raising the homes of families in Bangladesh out of the reach of floodwaters, we’ve invited some larger-than-life friends to join in the festival fun to tell tales of hope.

And at a time when 65 million people are displaced globally, we refuse to turn a blind eye to suffering and affirm that everyone deserves a safe place to call home. When refugees are portrayed negatively in the media, their inherent dignity is challenged. But every one of us has a voice in this story, and in times of political uncertainty at home our message of shared humanity is more important than ever.

So at Greenbelt, we’ll be turning negative news reports into symbolic homes for those most in need of a safe place with some simple origami, and then writing to newspapers, asking them to change the story into one of welcome and hope.

Make sure you don’t miss:

Returning home – parables of the lost
Friends Nadia Bolz-Weber, Doug Gay and Pádraig Ó Tuama share a 10-minute sermon each.

Where LGBTI spells poverty
In many places, a person’s gender identity or sexuality can mean having to suffer violence, humiliation and discrimination.

Shelter from the Storm game
Play the part of developing communities in a race to house 500 people – with some twists and turns along the way.

Change the Story – campaigns training
With so many people in need of a safe place to call home, what can we do to change the story to one of welcome and security?

We’ll also be holding a Housewarming party on Friday night for our Silent Stars – all of you who give, act and pray for Christian Aid. We’ll launch our programme with a preview of the weekend’s activities, a chance to meet other supporters, and a complementary glass of wine! Make sure to book your place in advance.