Prospect Farm FAQs

We’ve had lots of questions from people as they’ve been registering. We’ll get to them all – ready for if and when we go on sale. But for now, here are just a few of the main threads addressed in some preliminary, pre-sale FAQs. We hope they’re helpful.


Will there be mobility scooter hire onsite?

Will there be a disabled shower and disabled toilet/s?

Will there be a dedicated part of the campsite identified for disabled camping, close to the campsite hub and communal gathering spaces?


Can I stay off-site and still be part of the Prospect Farm gatherings?

Will there be glamping?

Food & Drink

Will there be food and drink to buy onsite?

Campsite, experience and facilities

Will there be things to do?

Can tents and live-in vehicles pitch together?

Will there be toilets and showers?

Will there be any WiFi available?

Box Office and ticketing

Can I transfer my ticket from the festival to the gathering?

Can I bring my dog?

Will there be any ticket concessions?

Will there be a shuttle-bus service?

What about COVID?


Can I volunteer?