Acting for future generations – lessons from a small country

The word ‘polycrisis’ has become part of our lexicon and people across the world are feeling the affects of a failure to plan for the long term. Why do politicians find it so hard to think ahead and what can be done to tackle this. Sophie Howe the world’s first Future Generations Commissioner shares her experience of getting a government to act for the long term and how this can be spread across the world. Described as ‘the World’s First Minister for the Unborn’ Sophie Howe was the the first Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, the only role of its kind in the world. She held Government to account on how their decisions affect future generations and has influenced other countries to follow suit including the UN. Named at number 5 in the BBC Women’s Power List Sophie is not afraid to call out the madness of short term decision making and is known for a being a straight talking and inspirational advocate for those yet to be born.