Panel: Fear of the Future Panel


With the existential threat of climate change, the cost of living crisis, the long shadow of COVID, war in Ukraine, famine in Ethiopia (again), and the collapse of political truth-telling – it’s no wonder that more young people than ever are living in fear and anxiety. How can we recover practical and meaningful ways to live creatively and courageously, facing the future without being overwhelmed by it. Chaired by former Greenbelt trustee and author of ‘The Art of Enough’, Becky Hall. With former Welsh Assembly Future Generations Minister, Sophie Howe, Christian Climate Action’s Melanie Nazareth, and Jyothi Cross, studying Social Anthropology and involved in student projects to promote positive mental health and tackle issues causing anxiety amongst young.

  • Sophie Howe
  • Melanie Nazareth
  • Jyothi Cross
  • Becky Hall