Sam Pittam-Smith

Sam Pittam-Smith

Chair of Trustees

Sam has been coming to the festival for over 30 years and is passionate about Greenbelt and what it stands for; a place to explore and relax, to be challenged and share our journeys, a place to belong and be accepted as a unique expression of God’s love. Sam is definitely proud to describe herself as a Greenbelter.

Sam has had a wide-ranging career focused on delivering transformational change programmes in the public (NHS, central and local government), private (digital transformation) and charity/voluntary sectors. She describes her role as delivering transformation through working with people to tackle complex problems and co-design solutions that deliver positive outcomes.

Her current role is as Director of Transformation for Norfolk County Council, where’s she enjoying working near to her home in Norwich, which she shares with her partner and cat.

Sam is a person of faith and pursues personal transformation through deeper understanding of God’s love for us all and what it means to live it. She is very happy to call St Luke’s in Norwich her church.

Sam also enjoys time with family and friends, often over good food and drink. Sam also practices the Korean martial art of Kuk Sool Won. (So don’t mess with her!)