Glitter, Gainsborough and Gin

Glitter, Gainsborough and Gin

Okay, so our alliteration doesn’t quite work (it’s all in the soft ‘G’, don’t you know). But you get the idea! This blog is about a few specials on offer at Greenbelt this year, but which come at a tiny extra price for those who want them. We pride ourselves on not offering paid-for attractions within the festival as a rule, but we’re sure you’ll understand these few exceptions.


Our glitter fairies (or the ‘Sparkle Squad’, as we like to call them) will be on hand this year to bring an extra special glint to your Greenbelt experience. All the glitter is eco-friendly and will cost between £2 and £3, depending on what you want. So save up some pocket money to look and feel more festival-y this summer! 


If gin is more your thing you’ll be pleased to know we have a gin tasting session on Saturday from award-winning local distillery Warner Edwards. Tickets for this will be available in the Jesus Arms at the bargain price of £10. This gets you six gin tasters and a voucher for a gin and tonic. Cheers!

Gainsborough (The Boughton House Art Collection)

On Saturday and Monday morning, you can go and take in one of the most amazing private art collections anywhere in the world – up at Boughton House. Costing just £5 for Greenbelters (instead of £10 for the general public), this year the House tours will also include pop-up interventions from our very own Glade Big Top mainstage compere, Jim Harris. (Jim happens to be a fine art historian and museum curator in his day-job, and he’ll offer some Greenbelt-esque insights into some of the works on display.) See the Festival Guide and App for more details about timings and where to queue.