G-Books: Your top pics from #gb18

G-Books: Your top pics from #gb18

A guest blog by our lovely friends at Church House Bookshop who run G-Books, our onsite book shop…

We hope you’ve returned from Greenbelt refreshed and with somewhere drier to curl up with one of these books! These are some of the most popular books from over the Greenbelt weekend – some of which sold out, so now’s your chance to grab them.

Riot Days 

Riot Days flew off the shelves at Greenbelt. The book tells the story of Pussy Riot’s punk prayer protest, and Masha’s arrest, trial and imprisonment.

“People who believe in freedom and democracy think it will exist forever. That is a mistake. What happened in Russia – what happened to me – could happen anywhere… Freedom does not exist unless you fight for it every day. This is the story about how I made a choice.”


This important book was very popular at Greenbelt, and many readers were lucky enough to meet Vicky, who spent over 2 hours signing copies. Read it, talk about it, pass it on.     

“It will help humankind become more humane.” (Clare Balding).


Brilliant Bible scholar and communicator Paula Gooder turns her hand to fiction with this new book Rowan Williams described as “a really vivid and sympathetic picture of the world of the first Christians”.

This Book Will (Help You) Change the World 

A book we saw clutched in many teenagers’ hands this weekend. Join them in protesting injustice with this powerful, funny, punchily illustrated book.

Things My Dog Has Taught Me 

Greenbelt’s animal lovers fell for this beautiful book from Jonathan Wittenberg, whose faithful collie Mitzpah is an inspiration behind the book (and its cover), showing us how to live better.   

Doughnut Economics 

Go deeper into Kate Raworth’s exciting new proposition for economics. Simply, in George Monbiot’s words: “At last – an economic model that won’t destroy the planet.”

Cooking on a Bootstrap 

It was great to have Jack back to sign books in the g-books tent, and to see the huge impact Jack has had on many Greenbelter cooks. Enjoy fun and delicious budget meals, whilst supporting a vital activist, with this new book.

This Is My Body 

Jennie Hogan’s thoughtful and personal book: “We all have bodies and each one of them tells its own story. It is my intention that readers will see and feel and live with their bodies differently”.

In the Shelter 

“It is in the shelter of each other that the people live”. Drawing on this Irish saying, Pádraig Ó Tuama thinks about shelter and welcome in the journeys of life. He uses poetry, story, biblical reflection and prose to open up gentle ways of living well in a troubled world.

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Pictured: Maria Alyokhina from Pussy Riot, the writer of Riot Days