Fuel for the Journey

Fuel for the Journey

Space to Breathe (S2B) is returning to Greenbelt this summer to bring their own unique brand of arts, spirituality and wellbeing to the festival. Here, Andy Freeman of S2B shares a little more about what will be going on.

Space to Breathe at Greenbelt

The poet Rumi once wrote “the stream knows it can’t stay on the mountain.”  I’ve always liked that idea. If we’re honest, there are many destinations in our life-journeys where we wish we didn’t have to go to, and others where we wish someone had given us a map. And yet life goes on, as others say, and each of is our on our own journey. 

At Greenbelt this summer, Space to Breathe will be curating venues and programming art and informal conversations which all seek to reflect on this journey. How can we be prepared for the places life takes us?  What can we gain from the wit and wisdom of those who’ve journeyed before us?  What might be in front of us as we continue on along our road?

Space to Breathe come from Sheffield and support people’s wellbeing and mental health through the arts and spirituality. We find this gives a new language to talk about how we feel and – whether we’re working with businesses, the NHS, churches or artists – we find a key question is: “How can I make sense of what’s happening to me?”  In other words: what is my life journey and how do I navigate it?

At the festival Chapel, set across the lake, you’ll be able to find a quiet space amongst all the hustle and bustle of the festival to ask questions about your own journey. There will be creative installations to engage with – many of which have been specifically made for the festival. You’ll also be able to chat to members of the Space to Breathe team about anything you’d like to; to share your journey and to gain support.

Each day we’ll be hosting Shhhh….. in the Shelter venue – 45-minute meditations aimed at creatively navigating our journeys.  The three sessions – Laugh or Cry, Wise and Wonder-ful, and Divine Comedy – will comprise poetry, art, imagination and meditation to contemplate and make sense of our own lives.

On Saturday night in The Shelter, we’re thrilled that our arts label Proost will be returning for Proost Presents …. Roadside Journeys. Our friend Jonny Baker will host the evening of alt-worship, creative arts and re-imagined devotion. 

Lastly we are putting together other resources to support wellbeing right across the festival site – from art installations that ask us questions and can be interacted with to a mobile team supporting wellbeing and even people and resources to support the festival volunteers.

We believe wellbeing is about “living well, living fully and living deeply”. And we hope that, whatever your journey, your Greenbelt experience will be one that’s well, full and deep. 

Hope to see you in August.