Christian Aid urge us to keep the faith!

Christian Aid urge us to keep the faith!

A guest blog from our partner Christian Aid…

Many of you joined us in August at the festival to protest, to create banners and placards, to sign petitions and to learn from each other about what we need to do to tackle the climate crisis. Thank you.

Since August, there have been growing numbers of people taking to the streets to support the schools strikes, the universal strike and many of the protests taking place across the UK and around the world. Our voices are rising up and we are refusing to be ignored. The clock is ticking and we must keep the pressure on the UK government to create a New Green Deal, to limit destructive use and investment in fossil fuels and to protect our world for generations to come.

So what more can we do?

  1. Keep pressure on your MP. With Brexit dominating the news and the House of Commons its easy for MP’s to be distracted from the most pressing issue of our time: the climate crisis. Its our duty to hold our MP’s accountable for the promises they have made to address climate change. Visit their surgery’s, write letters, call their office, don’t let them forget.
  2. Support the youth strikes. We have all seen the incredible strength of character and the passion of children from schools across the UK and around the world on Friday afternoons. These strikes are impossible to ignore but they need our support; whether that’s offering your church as a meeting place, encouraging the local headteacher to support the strikes or simply praising the young people taking part. Show them we support them.
  3. Talk about the climate crisis in your communities and your church. Keep the issue relevant and encourage others to join the movement.

Keep the faith! It can seem hard at times but it is more important than ever to stand up for the climate!

Photo by Alex Baker