The Utterly Butterly Ukulele Project

The Utterly Butterly Ukulele Project

The Utterly Butterly Ukulele Project (TUBUP) – music and junk instrument making workshops that will amaze and amuse you, and help you learn a lot while having fun!

At our workshops we bring everything you need to make your own TUB-Ukulele, teach you how to play a repertoire of songs, and then do an end of day performance with the assembled TUB-Uke orchestra and the Utterly Butterly Band. More than 19,000 TUB-Ukes have been made so far!

The TUB-Ukes are constructed from an Utterly Butterly tub, a piece of wood and fishing line for strings. To everyone’s amusement and amazement, the TUB-Uke is fully functional and tuneable and is played the same as any conventional ukulele.

The TUBUP team include: Steve ‘Nutter’ Nutter – a musician and composer who has been working in the field of community arts for over 20 years. Steve also plays bass with The South (formerly The Beautiful South). Nick ‘Prof’ Penny – a musician, inventor and instrument maker who has visited over 2,000 schools with his junk instrument making workshops. Dave ‘Brother Dave’ Anderson – professional drummer and workshop leader, Dave also plays with The South.

Utterly Butterly’s parent company Dairy Crest provides us with their unused reject tubs, and for the last four years has helped us subsidise our workshops with sponsorship from their Community Social Responsibility budget.