The Tombola Theory (with Ben Castle)

The Tombola Theory (with Ben Castle)

The Tombola Theory, a brand new project from critically acclaimed jazz musician and songwriter Ben Castle, plays original pop music inspired by traditional jazz.

Featuring Ben Castle on vocals and clarinet surrounded by tubas, banjos, trombones, trumpets, drums and the delightful voices of Mara Carlyle (much celebrated recording artist, Joe Goddard collaborator and Late Junction presenter) and Alice Grant (Matthew Herbert, Moats & Thrones), the five-track EP will be the first release on Ben Castle’s Major Record Label.

The Tombola Theory was formed to pay tribute to Tommy ‘Tootles’ Truman, an early and enduring musical influence in Ben’s life. At the tender age of 13, his father (aka the trumpet playing entertainer Roy Castle) took him to the famous London venue Ronnie Scott’s to see big band drummer Buddy Rich.

That night Ben decided that he had to become a musician and proceeded to soak up as much music as he could. During this quest he stumbled across Tommy ‘Tootles’, a school janitor and controversial character who played clarinet in a trad jazz band in his local pub every Wednesday night for nearly 23 years.

Tommy died in obscurity in 2009 leaving behind no known recordings, but special musical memories for a select few. Had his ambition been stronger he would now be remembered as one of the British jazz greats.

‘Over the Moon’ by The Tombola Theory will be released 28th May, 2014 on Ben Castle’s Major Record Label.