The Suitcase (Put on Love) by Deborah Fielding

The Suitcase (Put on Love) by Deborah Fielding

“When Susie was born, a suitcase was delivered with her. It was messy. Suitcases are an uncomfortable shape.” – from The Suitcase by Deborah Fielding.

Deborah’s story will be exhibited alongside the suitcase of the title and a hand-made outfit, ‘pretty and colourful, but practical too – good for running around in.’

The clothes will be embroidered and painted with expressions of love (for example: listening, paying attention, speaking out, getting messy, trying again, cuddling, accepting help). Visitors will be invited to add their own contributions and to take away a tag which reads “PUT ON LOVE”, to be sewn into their own clothes. Needles and thread will be provided.

Deborah is a writer, artist and dressmaker, always dancing between disciplines and not content for stories to be restricted to the page. She has recently been working with needle and thread and experimenting with telling short stories on social media ( #TheSuitcaseStory).

Deborah is interested in the particular, the details. Her work is concerned with the specific: moments of decision, action or stillness. She delights in a sharp line, a perfect curve or a beautiful sequence and has an affection for unifying events in community – whether joyful or distressing – they make great stories.