The Chosen Haram presented by Sadiq Ali

The Chosen Haram presented by Sadiq Ali

The Chosen Haram presented by Sadiq Ali produced by Turtle Key Arts

Expect a heady mix of love, drugs and Islam. This unique and complex take on circus, performed on two Chinese poles, is emotionally candid with moments of humour and joy set to a banging soundtrack.

The Chosen Haram deals with themes of sexuality, faith, addiction and connection. The story of two gay men and their chance meeting through a dating app, portraying the highs and lows of their relationship and the barriers they face, social, cultural and personal in seeking happiness and personal fulfilment.

The Chosen Haram is based on a combination of lead artist Sadiq Ali’s personal experience, as well as interviews with members of the LGBTQ+ community who identify as (ex) Muslim. The show is an exploration into the personal struggles faced by many people whose upbringing contradicts their personal truths, and how this can lead to self-destructive behaviour.

Something that is “Haram” is forbidden by Islam.

Age recommendation: 16 +

Running time: 65 minutes

Funded by Arts Council England and Creative Scotland. Supported by Jacksons Lane, Assembly Roxy Lab, Dancebase, Summerhall, London Met Uni. & Journeys in Design.

Winner of the Summerhall Lustrum Award Edinburgh Fringe 2022 for Unforgettable Performance

Assistant Producer – Vee Smith
Lead Artist and Performer – Sadiq Ali
Performer – Hauk Pattison
Circus Movement Consultant – Conor Neall
Dramaturgy – Rishi Trikha
Sound Designer – Guy Veale
Original Compositions – Kester Hynds
Lighting Design – Jamie Heseltine
Costume – Cleo McCabe
Technical Stage Manager – Chris Gorman
Mentor – Al Seed
Supported by – Flora Herberich

Sadiq Ali is a mixed heritage, queer, circus artist and performance maker who graduated from London’s National Centre for Circus Arts. He has created and worked with contemporary companies like Ockhams Razor, Upswing Circus and Superfan and has been devising his own full length works, this first of which has premiered to critical acclaim. Sadiq also regularly performs on the international Cabaret, Variety and Burlesque circuits where he combines a joyous love for comedy, body expression and representation. The Chosen Haram, Sadiq’s debut work, is a show which has enabled them to explore their experience of sexuality and faith and apply that to a contemporary circus art form. This means that Sadiq has been able to successfully create a queer, intersectional narrative within a field that seldom see’s such stories on stage. His show takes a focus on the impacts of gay shame, drugs, chemsex, faith and addiction and how these can become barriers in our desire to find sexual freedom, define our identities and ultimately find love. This experience has sparked the passion to further explore the potentials inherent within circus to tell alternative stories, touch the heart of the audience and to ultimately make change within how we perceive the artform.

Hauk Pattison is a London born multidisciplinary performer who specialises in; Theatre, Martial Arts and Circus. He graduated from the National Centre for Circus Arts in 2014 and has been performing and creating ever since.

He has also continued to add to his skill set by training to teach stage combat as well as to become a stunt and specialist action performer.

Hauk is obsessed with the extremity and the subtly of storytelling and so is very proud that he has been involved with the creation and performance of the show from early on in its development. His previous work includes; Dunsinane for the RSC; Macbeth for the Royal National Theatre and National Theatre Productions; Guardians of the Galaxy by Secret Cinema, Marvel and Disney; Depths of My Mind and Be-Loved for Scarabeus; Playground Victories for Scribbled Thought and Light the Fuse; Fallen Circus, Notes on a Scandal, Dumbo, Pennyworth and The Witcher.