Sunshine on a Fallen Tree presented by Pif Paf

Sunshine on a Fallen Tree presented by Pif Paf

Sunshine on a Fallen Tree is an immersive sound and light sculpture, made from locally sourced Ash trees felled due to Ash dieback, traditionally steam bent and set with re-usable innovative technology by Vashtu.

Walk through its branches and be seated in the canopy, bath in its flickering light as a sound composition takes you through movements of a requiem and sonic memories of the tree, inviting you to reflect on the decline of the Ash Tree and the energy and optimism we need to fill the spaces as we lose so many species to climate change.

The sound composition was created by Eleanor Hooper and Kate Griffin and together makes a very moving 12 minute experience.

Pif-Paf is a wildly ambitious theatre company creating top notch performance and sculpture and taking it to the places it doesn’t normally reach. Our work is presented outdoors and in non-traditional spaces and we are keenly involved in the development of outdoor arts. We are based in Sheffield working around the UK and beyond delivering small and mid-scale touring shows and commissions all with a unique visual, high-quality and accessible style.

The company is based around the collaboration of joint artistic directors Pete Gunson and Eleanor Hooper supported by an amazing crew of freelance performers, makers and musicians.