Steve Shaw

Steve Shaw

Steve Shaw is a co-founder of Greenbelt and a formative influence on the festival.

He plays guitar in the legendary Fat Band, who have been regular performers at the festival, and in Black Coffee, a jazz group on the Cambridge pub circuit.

As a board member his most significant contributions were the Fringe – where anyone could have a go – and the Hothouse: a fiery, debating arena, where ‘heretics’, atheists and Christian speakers alike were held to account. Who remembers the huge red chairs?

He was project manager for the Cambridge-based College House: a Christian studies group that aimed to apply Christian thinking to a range of ‘secular’ themes. He also lectured in theology and philosophy of religion for Cambridge University’s continuing education program.

Later, Steve included psychotherapy within his focus of attention. He currently lectures in psychotherapeutic counselling and philosophy of religion for the University of Suffolk. He works as a psychotherapeutic counsellor in private practice.

Publications include No Splits, which aimed to articulate a theological rationale for Greenbelt, and Dancing With Your Shadow, a Christian and Jungian approach to mental health.

Steve is a prodigy of John Peck who is a sadly missed close friend.