Spare Room Arts

Spare Room Arts

Spare Room Arts are in their seventh year of working at events and festivals, bringing imaginative and different arts workshops to you.

Designed so workshops can happen anywhere, whether you are in the furthest flung corner of the British Isles, on a cross-channel ferry, or the top of a hill in a muddy field, you name it they can make it happen. They also work in more conventional workshop spaces for schools, youth centres, corporate events and charities.

Spare Room Arts were born to travel, so everything is designed to make its way to you, all you’ve got to do is turn up!

Over the years they’ve found that this approach makes art accessible to everyone, irrespective of age, location or ability, making the not so possible… possible! They use a wide range of materials and every workshop is tailor made.

They also take on large commission work – from murals to props for music videos and of course workshops and decor for music festivals and events.