Sing Peace!

Sing Peace!

Sing Peace! (Community of Christ Members and Friends)

We love making music and singing out the good news of the kingdom of God on earth. We are nearly all volunteers seeking to make a difference in young people’s lives. We are friends from all kinds of backgrounds and ethnicities and include a sixth former, teachers, finance professionals, and even a solicitor interested in human rights. We meet often from all over the UK at retreats and gatherings at Dunfield House, Kington, Herefordshire.

About our co-leaders:

Joey Williams is a bachelor and minister for Community of Christ. He trained as an opera singer in Paris, but then felt called into church youth work. He speaks five languages fluently, including American English. Joey was part of the hymnal committee that produced the innovative Community of Christ Sings collection. He currently works in Britain and Western Europe, coordinating 45 congregations in 11 countries.

Samuel Muanangani, 18, is assistant pastor of a Congolese congregation in Enfield, London, speaks at least three languages and wants to be president of Community of Christ one day.

About our musicians:

Simon Holmes, from Derby, has a keen ear for a tune but usually gets the job of hitting things in time whenever he gathers with other musicians. To pay the bills, he attempts to inspire young minds as a primary school teacher.

Dave Langford, originally from Manchester, is a high energy, insane trumpeter, a new dad who finds balance between his busy financial advice day job day job and family life with Hannah, the love of his life. They live in Leicestershire.

Rachelle Kent is an Australian who gets annoyed when England win at cricket but says that happens rarely. She is a bouncy primary school teacher, plays the piano with zest, and lovingly coordinates the Bournemouth Community of Christ group.

Penny Holmes, from Derby, trained as a primary school teacher after studying music at university. She enjoys singing in a local community choir and plays her flute whenever the opportunity arises.

About our storytellers:

Renatta Nzomono. Her family moved from the Democratic Republic of Congo fleeing civil unrest and war when Renatta was five years old and came to Tottenham, London. As a result, Renatta champions peace and justice in every aspect of her life and likes to aid those that need guidance. A graduate of Sussex University, Renatta has set up her own company as a financial services consultant, specifically providing businesses with advice in relation to regulatory compliance and new legislation. In addition to her work, Renatta Nzomono is also a governor at Waltham Forest College and supports the youth of the Community of Christ, Enfield North to find ways of being at peace and doing the right things.

Zachary Weaver-Shojaie, is the son of a Northern English mum and an Iranian dad. He was blessed by participating in a Community of Christ youth group as his mother struggled as a single parent to do her very best for her two children. Out of these growing-up experiences, and then finding faith in Christ, a passion for justice was born in Zach. He was baptised in 2017. He went to the University of Sheffield and studied law. Now he is a solicitor-advocate based in Manchester with an inherent passion for justice and peace, within the world and “within the self”. Zach continues to lead the eldest Denton Community of Christ Youth Group, seeing its members as both the future and present of the church.

About our organiser:
Andrew Bolton has no musical talent whatsoever, stumbles over his words, and it may appear that he is only included because he is old and Community of Christ wants to practise inclusion. Actually, he is our organiser when we let him. He gets to practise all his peacemaking skills on us as he gets us to Greenbelt. He is currently researching conscientious objectors on all sides in WWI and is also inspired by Quakers and Anabaptists.