Robert Beckford

Robert Beckford

Robert Beckford is a climate and social justice professor at the University of Winchester. Robert is an activist scholar working interdisciplinary to confront and overturn injustice across various social issues in the African diaspora.

He is the author of numerous books, including, most recently, Duppy Conqueror: My Theology (DLT 2021) and Decolonizing Gospel Music: A Black British Theopraxis (Bloomsbury, 2022).

Robert is also a BAFTA Award-winning broadcaster and engages in action-research across various media. His most recent radio documentary,’ The Church of England’s Slave Plantation’ (BBC World Service 2022), is available on BBC I-player.

Likewise, his most recent independent documentary film, ‘After Noah: Christianity, Slavery and Reconciliation’ (2022), is available for download on the Movement for Justice and Reconciliation website (

Robert’s decolonial gospel album,’ The Jamaican Bible Remix’ (2017), is still available for free download. See:

Robert is also a professor of Theology at the Queen’s Foundation in Birmingham/Vu University Amsterdam, where, at the Centre for Black Theology, he is part of a team currently supervising the largest cohort of black British postgraduate students in theology in Europe.