River Roots

River Roots

River Roots are a vibrant mix of roots and alternative acoustic, with hints of folk and reggae beats, bringing diverse sounds and a playful uplifting vibe. Conscious, mind opening music delivered from the heart.

The music is majorly influenced by a nomadic lifestyle and connecting with nature, with a positive uplifting message.

River Roots take the audience on a journey through slow heart openers, transitioning the tempo without you realising, suddenly your feet are stomping to a funky upbeat feel good song.

A full spectrum of music is delivered with each concert, adjusted to what the collective mind of the space is asking for. The chemistry between the free spirited duo is real, the two have been together for 14 years, and their authentic selves shine through their performance.

They have taken their music around the world, from Glastonbury festival to Boomtown, to Bali Spirit Festival to Luminate in New Zealand.

“Our mission is to spread good vibes through music. To help spark inspiration and ignite passion in people to transform their reality. Music is powerful and true magic, we want to help spread it to the world.”