Ms. Mohammed

Ms. Mohammed

Born in Trinidad of Indian descent, the London based MS Mohammed is fast becoming known for pushing boundaries with her lyric writing, genre-expanding music & powerful live gigs-armed with her distinctive fender bender guitar style.

To quote guitarist and front man of Asian Dub Foundation Steve Savale: “MS Mohammed is a genius. Dana is doing new things with three strings! There’s no one out there like her. She’s got soul.”

MS Mohammed’s music is a daring mix of Punk Bluesy Soul & sultry blistering Alt-Fusion Indie guitars. The warmth of her heritage flows through her melodies with Rock outer edges. Intoxicating Trinidadian Soca riddims & Indian percussion come together driving the beats into your soul. Fusing her unique sound of seamless Island Punk Rock ‘n’Dhol world she’s created—a world without borders that has you thinking & dancing at the same time. She unites us to celebrate our similarities as well as our differences. An ode to, and taking forward the legacy of the Riot Girl movement with all the conviction and strength of a modern day twist.

After a brief stint in side projects that saw her appearing at Reading Festival and on Later…with Jools Holland, the London-based artist released a self-titled LP as Dana Jade in 2012, earning strong reviews and support slots with the likes of PJ Harvey’s collaborator, John Parish.

Why Dana Jade became Ms.Mohammed? — As major changes occurred in the intervening years including LGBTQ and feminist progress came a conservative backlash: austerity, Brexit, the #MuslimBan and the increasing rise of the far right across the globe.

As life for marginalized voices becomes increasingly fraught, it felt more vital than ever for her to own and value our collective otherness. Dana made a bold move; armed with conviction she used her art as a way to combat prejudices. Hence, changing her stage name from Dana Jade to her surname MS Mohammed. The punch line being, she isn’t Muslim, both her parents are Christians. That gritty, resolute sense of purpose can be felt throughout her debut EP Alibi as Ms. Mohammed.

Dana has also been a voice in anti-FGM with her highly respected ‘Clit Rock’ live music series high lightening the urgency to end female Mutilation.