Jeremy Felix

Jeremy Felix

Hi, I’m Jeremy! Moving from Cyprus to the UK at age 11 sparked my love for people and their stories, each one an adventure.

My magic obsession? All thanks to my grandad’s gorilla trick that had me in stitches. That’s when I knew, Grandad’s amazing, and I was hooked.

The twist? He’d keep his secrets under wraps, teaching me patience with a grin. Magic and patience, all wrapped in one, thanks to him.
After 17 years of magic, learning from top magicians across Europe and the U.S., and graduating from the Mario Morris School of
Busking, it’s clear my passion lies in connecting with people. Every show is a chance to craft a unique, unforgettable experience.

I’m all about creating moments that bring people closer, crafting experiences they’ll cherish and share as their own stories.
There’s nothing quite like seeing the joy and wonder on someone’s face, knowing you’ve given them a memory that’ll be retold and treasured.

That’s the magic I live for.