Gren Bartley Trio

Gren Bartley Trio

Gren Bartley is a prolific and exceptional songwriter. He is constantly touring and forever writing.

2015 saw the release of Gren’s first full band based album on Fellside Recordings, Magnificent Creatures. Since its release, Gren has been touring the album to great live receptions across the UK and Europe.

Magnificent Creatures (produced by Gavin Monaghan) builds upon the success of Gren’s previous solo albums, Winter Fires (2013) & Songs To Scythe Back The Overgrown (2012). The album reflects a significant change in his musical direction and incorporates intricate string arrangements and subtle vocal harmonies.

Gren’s live work captures his “phenomenal” guitar playing & poetry driven lyrics, backed up by beautiful vocal harmonies and string arrangements from band members Kath Ord & Sarah Smout.

The drive of the music and the orchestral flourishes sweep the audience into the narratives and subtly embellish the songs.
However, never one to stand still for long, Gren is embarking on a new world music project for 2017, and some of the new material will feature at future concerts and festivals.