Greenbelt Goth Community

Greenbelt Goth Community

The happy-in-black sheep of the Greenbelt family, we are a diverse group of Christians from the Goth/Alternative community coming from all over the UK and from various traditions.

We share a love of God and of diversity and long standing ties with Greenbelt. We have a passion to provide a safe space for Alternatives to meet and build one another up.

We offer Holy Ground where the curious can genuinely encounter God through our culture in a welcoming, inclusive way that promotes unity and understanding. We are also seeking creative new ways to offer what is good, helpful, edgy and profound in our culture to any who are interested.

Alternatives have a lot to share, including a fusion of the traditional and the current in our worship, a collective willingness to explore the more thorny issues of life and the ability to look at the world a bit sideways and at mainstream culture from outside and another place, with a prophetic edge.

Our aim is acceptance and welcome while challenging assumptions and offering other options, thoughts and perspectives.

Photo credit: Samantha Higgs photography