Extravaganza, Le Navet Bete

Extravaganza, Le Navet Bete

Le Navet Bete is an award-winning group of clowns based in Devon who produce high-energy, spectacular and utterly hilarious shows that have been finely-tuned to suit both UK and international performances. They have extensive training in clowning, acrobatics, mime, music and circus history.

These four clowns are determined to tell their individual cultural stories no matter what the cost may be. Join Romano, Keith, Hans and David Blooper on a ridiculous, madcap romp, rammed full of acrobatics, improvisation, live music, audience interaction, circus influences, downright silliness and even a flaming unicycle.

Le Navet Bete is a collaborative group whose members are responsible for all aspects of the company and its work.

As well as their outdoor shows the company produces hugely popular indoor theatre shows and is skilled at delivery workshops to all ages and all abilities.

Le Navet Bete are Dan Bianchi, Nick Bunt, Al Dunn, Matt Freeman and Alex White.