DJ Man-O-Wax

DJ Man-O-Wax

Asad Ali Jafri, aka DJ Man-O-Wax, is a cultural producer, global arts leader and interdisciplinary artist with a creative vision for sustainable social change.

As an innovative thinker, Asad utilizes the universal language of art to connect communities, cultures and people to transform interactions, perceptions, and collective consciousness.

Since 2001, Asad has worked passionately with artists, creatives, and thought leaders across nations, disciplines, and genres to curate meaningful productions, design sustainable initiatives, and build strong communities.

Under the alias ‘DJ Man-O-Wax’, Asad plays and blends soulful, spiritual, and, of course, funky music from around the globe.

In his teens, Asad’s foundations in music came through Hip Hop culture but quickly broadened to include Hip Hop’s influences from Soul, Funk, Jazz, Latin and Reggae. The next logical step in this exploration of sound was to go beyond the American context to Brazil and West Africa, always digging for that perfect beat.

Asad eventually re-embraced his own roots, starting with the spiritual music forms in South Asia and expanding globally to embrace rich, organic, spiritually driven music from Muslim roots. As such, one of Man-O-Wax’s signature productions as an artist is Turntable Dhikr – a spiritual and visual sonic meditation on the Divine.

Supported by Amal – A Said Foundation Project