ContaKids is 45 mins to an hour of physical partnering games designed especially for an adult and child duo.

We dance, we swim and swoop, we go upside down, fly, roll, jump, fall and run. The adult is as much a part of the scenario as the Little One – taking full advantage of the special adult–child bond present at this stage in a child’s life. Both adult and child can expect to laugh, move and be moved, cuddle, be challenged, make friends and have more fun than they can handle.

We might even do a dragon race.

ContaKids is ideally suited to couples comprised of 1 x adult and 1 x 2–5 year old child.

ContaKids is run by Marco Mazza and Ruth Jansen. Marco is a stage and TV actor. Despite his many serious acting roles, he’s mainly known for and feared by Italian children everywhere for his baddy character “Mago Mandrago”. Marco teaches ContaKids and creative workshops and works with people with profound disabilities. He loves dance, children and cooking, and has unusually big bones.

Ruth is a professional dancer and very unprofessional singer. She teaches ContaKids, Thula Mama singing groups, yoga, creative workshops for all ages and despite having danced her knees to ruin, still dances for Gravity & Levity Aerial Dance co and The Letter J children’s theatre company. She loves live music, knitting, sleep, laughter and yum yums.