CSW (Christian Solidarity Worldwide) is a Christian human rights organisation advocating for freedom of religion or belief around the world. The right to freedom of religion or belief is also known as the ‘first freedom’ given to humanity by God. It’s a touchstone human right, often serving as a ‘litmus test’ for whether other rights are at risk of being abused. It’s a right we must protect, defend and restore.

This year they are bringing us their ‘Love Letters’ campaign about the difference that letters can make to prisoners of conscience, and introducing us to their founder Mervyn Thomas and his amazing journey of faith and service.

We have invited the following people to be part of our sessions:

Mervyn Thomas CMG
Mervyn is the CEO and Founder of CSW. He works closely with the British All Parliamentary Group on Freedom of Religion or Belief, and the International Panel of Parliamentarians for Freedom of Religion or Belief. He also advises the British Foreign Secretary on FoRB issues, as a member of his Human Rights Advisory Group.

Jessica Dalton
Jessica is a Methodist Local Preacher and a member of CSW’s Communications team, sharing the work of CSW with communities all over the country.

Dave Mance
Dave is Head of Campaigns at CSW. He’s passionate about exploring ways to make activism creative, inclusive and fun.